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Held back by political correctness, the United States could not respond in like manner to the atrocities perpetrated by the Al Qaida on innocent Americans following the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. As a country concerned for human rights, Americans hesitated to use methods of torture to provoke the followers of Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein for answers as to the location of weapons of mass destruction designed to kill those who did not agree with a minority of religious fanatics and their interpretation of the Muslim religion: locations the CIA had seen in the imagery transmitted by satellite to their covert monitoring stations in the United States. America refused to put physical pressure onto captured enemies, stating that such tactics were beyond reasonable means by reasonable people. Cruel and unusual punishment went against the Constitution of the United States, Instead, it was deemed proper and workable to back off from a continued confrontation with the enemy and to explore dialogue as a better program to settle the differences between these two factions. How inept an idea: how stupid a philosophy. The followers of Mohammed, according to Iraq’s Minister of Information, Mohammed Saeed a-Sahaf, understand only one thing – “eliminating by death those who are not believers in the Koran.”
Only one group of people dared to combat this twisted way of life. A group that had worked for the CIA for a number of years and who recruited candidates that had shown promise in standing up for the rights of the majority of Americans. This was a rogue group who operated on the edge of the law, who held secret their activities even as the new Homeland Security was being formed as the umbrella over all agencies ordained to protect the United States. The members of Strike Force Alpha performed clandestine actions under the noses of those in Homeland Security as well as those in the Federal Government Administration who were sensitive to public opinion. No one except for Strike Force Alpha would ever know the extent to which these dedicated people would defend the United States by unorthodox methods.
Alternative Measures by Peter Mars opens the door into a world unknown to most civilians, a secret underworld with deep-rooted connections in Maine, where the seemingly most innocuous residents are responsible for some of the most potent activities for guaranteeing the security of this country. Written as a fictional account to protect his sources, you will wonder where the truth ends and the story begins.
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