Publisher: Commonwealth
ISBN No.: 0-9664475-1-4


Six shots fired from a .357 magnum disrupted the quiet solitude of Maine's Belgrade Lakes Great Pond. All fired at close range, the bullets had done their job. Terrence Maloney was dead. The one-time newspaper reporter would now become the subject of a news story instead of its author. And the story would expose secrets, which not only explain why his wife of fifteen years killed him, but also his link to a massive drug trade in which his partner was a Boston cop.
Drugs and guns are a deadly combination when greed creates a desire, which demands satisfaction... a desire fueled by a taste for money.
In his second novel based on actual events, police veteran turned author, Peter Mars again enters the world of rogue cops telling a story that the Boston Police do not want you to know. After all, no police agency wants its good reputation tarnished. From his thirty years in law enforcement, Mars brings to the surface the corruption and criminal activity usually kept hidden from the public. And the pristine woods of Maine make an ideal hiding place for two men also wanting to keep their illicit business a secret.
A Taste for Money delves into the background and lives of men bent on using their positions of respect and power as a means to by-pass the law while satisfying their hunger for monetary wealth. Early experiences at Old Orchard Beach may have contributed to the reasons why a dedicated cop became no better than the criminals he had arrested. Joseph O'Fallon had been a respected Boston Police detective until a twist of fate changed his way of thinking. He often retreated to Old Orchard Beach, staying at the same motel he had come to as a youngster, in order to come to terms with the events that took place in his life. But nothing could release the grip by which his taste for money grasped him.
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