Publisher: Commonwealth
ISBN No.: 0-9664475-2-2


Ed Fitzgerald was a good cop. He served the City of Arlington, Massachusetts for more than just a few years. He was dedicated to his profession until the laws he upheld treated him unfairly following an injury on the job. He vowed to get back at the system that did not work for him and which cost him his livelihood. Devising a foolproof plan, he goes to work for an armored car company and rips them off for two million dollars and disappears. When he is finally caught, the money has vanished and Ed becomes as silent as a monk. For his crime he gets twenty years in a state penitentiary in New York because he cannot serve time in a Massachusetts prison where there are criminals he had arrested during his tenure as a cop. Ed figures that with time off for good behavior he can be out in eight years. The one problem with Ed's plan is that there are several people in the jail including a retiring, corrupt, warden who know he has the money. Not playing ball with the warden can guarantee he will remain incarcerated and be lost in the system. There are two problems with the warden's plan. First, Ed has maintained his silence every time anyone has approached him about the missing money. And, second, due to an unforeseen riot at the prison, Ed is killed -- the first of a number of fatal misfortunes. Now the question is, will the money ever be found? If so, by whom? Only one person has a clue, but which one? Is it Fitzgerald's cellmate? Or, perhaps the prison warden who has been skimming jail funds for years? Or, maybe his only friend outside of prison? Or, possibly the prison guard assigned to watch over him? Or, how about the new prison warden who had been keeping close tabs on him? Or, has nature destroyed whatever there once was?
In a story based upon actual events, the surprising twists and turns in this mystery thriller will take the reader on a wild ride from Massachusetts to New York to the center of the action in the Greek community of Tarpon Springs, Florida, and finally to the Cayman Islands. Those who are familiar with Arlington, Attica, Tarpon Springs, Anclote Cay and Grand Cayman will immediately recognize many of the areas included in this book as Mars is a stickler for detail. But will they be able to determine its unexpected conclusion without looking at the last chapter?

We thank Con Karapas for his improvisation of Etsi Einai I Zoi as found on Sam's Bouzouki Web Site.

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