Publisher: Commonwealth
ISBN No.: 0-9664475-0-6


Boston, as in every other city, is permeated with illegal drug activity. Cops do their best to battle the influence drug dealers hold over users of every age and station in life. Some of those who are charged with upholding the law have succumbed to the temptation produced by drug money and have closed their eyes to local activities. Others have taken their charge as a mission to eliminate this unlawful business and have become judge, jury and executioner to those who are helping to destroy society. This is the story of one such cop.
Frank Conley, during a routine fire investigation of a burned-out drug laboratory, discovers a bag filled with money. No one is aware of its existence as the drug manufacturers died when the laboratory exploded and burned. He now has several choices: keep the money for himself and split it with his partner whom he needs in order to get it away from the crime scene, or use the money against those who took it in trade for their illegally created goods. Frank is a man who believes in his job as a purpose to make the world a better place in which to live. Always thinking of ways to help people, he has kept his eyes open for opportunities to accomplish that goal.
Some months before this windfall of cash, he found, during an arrest, an abandoned section of the original subway system under the streets of Boston. When faced with the immediate decision of what to do with the money, he concocted an unusual idea utilizing the subway as a tunnel to remove from his district some of the drug kings who were increasing in number and plaguing his territory.
Working together with the few men he could trust in his division of the Boston Police Department, and a consequence of fate, he manages to draw a drug-maker into an abandoned tenement house above the tunnel. From this beginning, Frank is able to weave his activities as a street cop into his focus of ridding the city of a few bad men. How he does this, where he takes them, and how his plan results in an unexpected twist is the central theme of the book, which is surrounded by other actual, true stories.
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