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Do you love cozying up with mysterious crime novels? You’ve come to the right place. I am Peter Mars, a 50-year-veteran of law enforcement.

I am a native of Brookline, Massachusetts. I have written seven crime novels and have assisted other writers in similar projects for over 20 years.

Crime Novels

I have written thrilling crime novels based on true events, available worldwide at my website, Peter Mars Author.

The Tunnel

The Tunnel is my first novel. It is a true-crime story that deals with two rogue cops who use unorthodox ways to clean up drug dealers from the streets.

A Taste for Money

My second book, A Taste for Money, confronts police corruption with the true story of a cop-turned-criminal.

The Key

My third book is about what happens when bad things happen to a good cop. It exposes the corruption in some of our penal institutions.

The Best Suit in Town

This book walks you through the history of a generation of cops from Mansfield, Ohio. It focuses on a time of transition from the old ways of doing things to the modern era. It was co-written with John Butler, former Chief of Police of Mansfield and creator of the Sanibel Island, Florida Police Department.