The Missing Gold of Troy



It was a discovery by Heinrich Schleimann in 1870 of a treasure buried since 1260 B.C. at the site of the Greek-Trojan War. Brought to Germany to be displayed in his museum, it was later stolen by the NAZI’s during World War II, where it was buried once again, not to be found until the end of the war by incoming Russian soldiers who turned it over to the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. There it would remain hidden until 1969 when these 259 priceless gold artifacts were allowed to reach public view. The international response was overwhelming. It was the amazing proof for the
story-teller, Homer, the Greek poet of The Iliad and The Odyssey. Wonderful… Yes…However… It is not the end of the story!
The real question is what has happened to the remaining eight-thousand items of Trojan gold?
Based upon true events, will anyone who reads this chronicle be determined enough to vacation in a beautiful and popular tourist setting and then follow the clues with the great possibility of unearthing a fortune?

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